Legend has it, that the Levid family had a very dark secret.

During the time they occupied the old Haskins Farm down
in Three Forks, 16 people went missing. Investigations
never turned up a thing leading them to the Farm. Once
the Levid family moved on, people stopped disappearing.

Thats when then local authorities discovered the shed.

Hidden well within the farms 14 acres of sprawling forest,
the tiny red shed, was revealed to be the gruesome
location related to at least 14 of the missing people.

No bodies were found. Well, none that were easily
recognizable. But DNA from blood, flesh, teeth, feces, and
other parts of the human body was all that was needed for

Those who managed to stomach even talking about the
shed revealed little. A wooden chair sat erected in the
center of the shed, surrounded by shelves full of items
used for dozens of various torture and killing methods.

The shed was burned to the ground and the Farm still sits

None of the members of the Levid family were ever found.
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