Under strict control of Warden Anselma Von Payne, this facility is home to some of the most horrific and psychotic killers, tortures, and maniacs in the
entire world. As you journey through these decrepit walls, you hear the cries of the wicked. Don't get to close to the bars. The psych ward houses those
of extreme dementia. In the infirmary, nurses and doctors have performed so many various tortures and pathologic experiments, they themselves are on
the verge of insanity. These twisted halls have no safe passage, so you may wind up staying longer than you planned!
Sanctorium is home to Necropolis Cemetery. It is unlike all other cemeteries. It's population seems to be declining. A journey through it is a foreboding
experience. The dead are not quite so dead, and the Gravedigger seems to have lost all sanity ages ago. Things seem to be moving all around you, or
are they just shadows? A dark decrepit mausoleum within contains little safety, as its heinous keepers are not fond of living visitors. Sanctorium is home
to "The Ripper". A being of pure evil, a collector of souls that even Hell spat back out. Crumbling crypts, rotting flesh, and sounds in the darkness, you
must stay aware or be the next walking dead.
Through walkways of twisted steel, rusted cage, and toxic waste, not many dare to enter. Those who call this place home have zero tolerance for the
"outside" world. A place where the only rule is "there are no rules", every step can be your last. This place is home to Chaos, Destruction and of those
who feed off the weak. Think you're brave enough to make it through? As you're engulfed in darkness and the walls feel as they are closing in all
around you, you must escape through "the arena", a contorted, intimidating maze of mass confusion where you will loose sight of everything, including
your own sanity.
Over 18 years ago, JAK's Slaughter House was forced to close its doors after an FBI raid. Not only was unethical and inhuman ways being used on the
animals, but The Vincent family who ran the abattoir, had been using it as front for their murderous, torturous, and cannibalistic tendencies. The
slaughter house was condemned. Recently, and to most peoples disgust, JAK's passed inspection to reopen. The new employess, descendants and
inheritors of the original owners, seem intent on bringing JAK's reputation back to where it once was with high quality meats, friendly service, and going
above and beyond to comply to all the FDA and USDA required laws. As a token of faith to the local public, JAK's will be opening for public tours every
Friday and Saturday nights in October as well as Sunday Oct 28th. JAK's new owner, who goes by the name "Pork Chop" will be available every night
to answer any concerns and questions.